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Origin Mexico City, Mexico
Genres Pop rock, dance pop, teen pop, r&b
Active 2004–2009

Dulce María
Maite Perroni
Christopher Uckermann
Alfonso Herrera
Christian Chávez

RBD was a Mexican musician group.

RBD was formed in the Mexican telenovela Rebelde , where they started as a fictional group, but they've became so popular, that they started as a real group.

The group was officialy formed on October 30, 2004 and on August 15, 2008 they announced that they will separate in 2009.

The band members were Dulce María , Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, Alfonso Herrera and Christian Chávez. 

Achivements and attractionsEdit

Every day, the telenovela Rebelde was watched by over 20 million people.

Telenovela Rebelde, was played in 65 countries worldwide and broke the rating records in all of them.

In France they won an award for the song "Tu Amor"

In just 7 hours of released album "Nuestro Amor" in Mexico, they sold more than 180.000 copies.

In 2007 they broke the record of selling the most CD's in Brazil, and even today they are holding on to that record.

In just 1 year RBD sold more than 340.000 concert tickets in USA and defeated Madonna's record, who in 30 years sold 291.000 tickets.

In 2008, Billboard announced that RBD is the best group in the world of all time.

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They broke records in Japan, France, Poland, Italy, USA, Canada, China, India, Thailand and Australia with the song "Tu Amor".

RBD was signed in the Guinness Book of Records as the group with the most awards (180 awards in just 4 years) and even today they are still holding on to this record.

They defeated the record of The Beatles and Green Day in the sold out CD's in Romania.

RBD is the only group that sold out tickets in Slovenia in just 30 minutes.

All their CD's were on the top 10 list in Slovenia for weeks and even months.

They won the award "Tu Mundo", because they exceeded more than 7 worldwide records.

They won the award for the best unknown group in 2006, in Russia. 

Other band membersEdit

Charly Rey - Guitar

Eddie Tellez - Keyboard and piano

Gonzalo Velazquez - Guitar and viola

Guido Laris - Bass, musicial director and vocalist

Luis Emilio "Catrie" Mauri - Percussion

Mauricio Bicho Soto Lartigue - Drums


Spanish Albums
  1. Rebelde (2004)

    Abum Rebelde (2004) (1st album)

  2. Nuestro Amor (2005)
  3. Celestial (2006)
  4. Empezar desde cero (2007)
  5. Para olvidarte de mi (2009)
English Albums
  1. Rebels (2006)
Portugal Albums
  1. Rebelde (brazil version) (2005)
  2. Nosso Amor (brazil version) (2006)
  3. Celestial (brazil version) (2006)
    Celestial (album)

    Album Celestial (2006)

Live Albums / DVD's
  1. Tour Generación RBD en Vivo (2005)
  2. Live in Hollywood (2006)
  3. ¿Que Hay Detrás de RBD? (2006)
  4. Live in Rio (2007)
  5. Hecho En España (2007)